Agents: Biohunters Gameplay Preview – 3v3 Monster Hunting

*Agents: Biohunters by Playstark, published by Playstark – April 7, 2020 (Early Access)
*MSRP: Free2Play (Steam, XBox One, PS4) –

Agents: Biohunters is a three on three multiplayer monster hunting game. You can pick one out of three available champions to play. April is a gun wielding DPS character. Elon is an artillery wielding support character. And Witta is a tank with a projectile blocking shield. As you play the game, you will earn currency that can be used to unlock the three other available characters in the game.

The gameplay centers around these crystal drillers. Kill the specified number of monsters to unlock it.

The game starts out where each team spawns in their starting area. After that, a crystal driller will appear on the map, shown by a yellow icon on the minimap. Each driller requires a certain amount of monsters to be killed before it can be captured by a team. Once captured, another driller shows up in a random location.

Capturing three drills allows your team to enter the arena and face a gigantic monster.

After a team manages to capture three drills, the arena with a large and powerful biocreature becomes unlocked for that team. The biocreature has many armored body parts, such as right arm, left arm, back, head, and tail. The first team to destroy three body parts will win the match.

Building a fortress.

As you kill monsters, you will gain experience points that can be used to level up abilities. As of now, each champion has two available abilities, with a third one coming soon. Also by killing monsters, you will gain blue orbs which can be used to construct buildings such as a wall, two types of turrets, and a respawn beacon.

Ahh, the ole T-pose. Bugs and matchmaking problems abound in this game as it is early access.

Overall, while the core gameplay loop looks promising, the game has some problems that prevents me from being able to recommend it to everyone. For starters, matchmaking takes forever. It can be due to the small player base or due to errors in the matchmaking code. Being unable to find a match in a multiplayer game is an exercise in frustration. Not only that, once you are in a game, many players will disconnect. I have six hours played in the game so far and almost every match has been one on three, one on two, one on one, etc. I have yet to play a full three on three match. You also cannot invite your friends to play in a lobby. You must both start matchmaking at the same time and hope you end up in the same game, on the same team.

Secondly, the lack of available champions and the sparsity of abilities, monsters, attack patterns, all lead to a very static experience.

Criticism aside, the gameplay loop has some promise but it needs way more polish.

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