Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey Gameplay Preview – Block Based Puzzle Game

*Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey by oddbreeze, published by oddbreeze – April 8, 2020 (Leaves Early Access)
*MSRP: $17.99 (Steam) –

Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey is a block based puzzle game where you move around blocks in straight lines on the map until all required squares are covered.

The main gameplay loop is to move blocks onto the colored squares.

The main character is designated Crew 167. You are on a deep space exploration flight to find an inhabitable planet for the rest of humanity. For reasons unknown, you are hallucinating blocks and you must move them around to progress to the next room.

The cutscenes as well as voice acting is incredibly awkward.

Surrounding all the puzzle elements are some rather questionable cut scenes. The voice acting is very wooden at best, and made it unable for me to relate to the characters or story at all. The rest of the presentation is lacking as well, from the composition, to framing, to the actual animations of the characters. This all led to unintentional humor, as I found most of the dialogue and performances so uncanny and unrealistic, that it became comedic in nature.

The game slowly introduces new mechanics, such as blocks that have to be moved a certain amount of times.

This doesn’t really take away from the core gameplay loop of solving puzzles. The puzzles are actually well designed and fun to play. New mechanics are introduced slowly, such as blocks that are required to be moved a certain amount of times.

Overall, poor presentation of cut scenes and dialogue aside, the core mechanics and puzzle elements of the game are still solid.

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