Green Hell Gameplay Preview – Survival Crafting with a Great Story Mode!

Green Hell by Creepy Jar, published by Creepy Jar – Sept 5, 2019
MSRP: $24.99 (Steam) –

Green Hell is a survival crafting game set deep in the Amazonian jungle. The crafting elements are pretty fun and engaging with a unique take on a health system. The thing that drew me the most was the story mode. I found it to be well written and pretty fleshed out compared to most survival crafting games, which usually don’t even have a single player campaign.

Veterans of the survival crafting genre will find the gameplay elements in Green Hell a familiar sight. You do basic things such as gather resources, unlock blue prints to craft more advanced items, and hunt and gather food.

You have five health meters to take care of, sanity, protein intake, carbohydrate intake, fats and lipids intake, and water intake. Sanity is negatively affected when the other meters are depleted, when you are suffering from injuries or parasites, or when you do unpleasant tasks such as eating grubs or sleeping on the ground. Once sanity is depleted, you will start hallucinating. The other meters can be managed by eating the proper foods and finding sources of water, mostly by purifying river water or using a water collector.

Crafting is a familiar sight for veterans of the genre.

The crafting is pretty standard with recognizable structures such as beds, shelters, water collectors, furnaces, and etc. A new and unique feature is the ability to inspect your own body for injuries and afflictions. Sometimes you get leeches, which you have to pluck off. Sometimes if you take a fall, you will get an abrasion and you will need to wrap it in a bandage or else it will get infected and fester. Once that happens, you need to find maggots to help eat away at the necrotic flesh. Maggots can be harvested on animal corpses. Drinking contaminated water will infest you with parasites, which can be killed by eating the right plants, such as certain mushrooms.

The game has an unique injury system. You can avoid most of it by playing carefully.

The injury system seems pretty interesting and balanced as a player being careful can avoid most of the situations where you will need to take care of something, such as stepping on a stationary venomous snake.

The single player campaign is well written and fleshed out. It should take around 15 hours or shorter for a new player to complete.

Moving on to the story mode, I found the story to be well written and full of intrigue. The story starts off with the protagonist and his wife going to meet an indigenous tribe with intimate knowledge of flora containing medicinal properties unheard of in the modern world. Things go wrong and you are left stranded in the jungle with amnesia. It felt like the first few seasons of Lost, and I mean that in a good way. As you progress through the story, you start recovering memories and piecing together bits and pieces from investigating sites in the jungle.

I couldn’t put it down and played it ten hours straight without sleeping. I was genuinely interested in the narrative and wanted to know what happened next.

Fans of crafting survival have another very solid title to look forward to. The single player campaign is well written and well voiced, for the most part. The survival crafting elements are well made and fun as well. In addition to all of this, a co-op mode is being added to the game as well so there is even more to look forward to.

This guy can drink a river dry, parasites and all.

P.S. The protagonist requires so much water. We’re talking lakes here.

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