Foregone Gameplay Preview – 2D Rogue-lite Action Platformer like Dead Cells

Foregone by Big Blue Bubble, published by Big Blue Bubble – Feb 27, 2020 (Early Access)
MSRP: $24.99 (Epic Game Store) –

Foregone is a 2D rogue-lite action platformer. It is very reminiscent of Dead Cells, and that is high praise.

Buttery smooth movement!

The game feels great. The movement and combat feel buttery smooth. The controls are very responsive and allow you to navigate the map and combat with a fluidity that makes the game feel just as amazing as it looks.

You play an Arbiter, a genetically enhanced soldier bred for combat. You are trying to save the city of Calagan from a corrupting power known as the Harrow, which corrupts living beings as well as bringing back the dead in twisted forms.

The gameplay loop is pretty pleasant and the difficulty level is just right. Progressing through levels will be a bit difficult at first, but as you collect the gold and gear dropped by enemies it will get much easier. Once you hit a way point and teleport back to base, you can spend your hard earned gold on upgrades to your weapons, swap to new and more powerful equipment, swap active abilities, or upgrade your passive skill tree.

Challenging but rewarding boss fights.

The maps start introducing new challenges as well as new enemies and challenging bosses. The game presents a challenge but it feels very rewarding once you can master the controls and clear levels. Fans of rogue-lites, action platformers, and Dead Cells have another fantastic game to look forward to.

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