In Other Waters Gameplay Preview – Calming Underwater Research & Exploration

In Other Waters by Jump Over the Age, published by Fellow Traveller – April 3, 2020
MSRP: $TBA (Steam, Nintendo Switch) –

In Other Waters features underwater exploration and research as the main focal point of the game. You play an AI guiding xenobiologist Ellery Vas, who is exploring a mysterious planet, Gliese 677Cc. Ellery Vas, EV for short, was called to the planet by fellow scientist Minae Nomura. Upon her arrival, things are not as they seem, with posts abandoned and not a soul to be found.

The bulk of the gameplay happens through this map interface. You can move around the ocean floor, collect samples, etc.

The gameplay focuses around moving around the two dimensional map. You can scan for way points, travel to the way points, observe organisms, and collect research samples. Everything is done through the user interface and you don’t control the player character or physically interact with the world. You actually feel like an AI stuck in a dive suit, helping EV out. Once in a while you even have short conversations with her.

You can do many things in your base of operations, such as store samples, analyze them, etc.

Once you are done collecting samples, or your suit runs out of power or oxygen, you can call in a drone to pick you up and bring you back to your makeshift base of operations. Within the base, you can analyze your research samples and find out more details about the ocean life around you.

In Other Waters is a very relaxing and welcome change of pace, focusing on exploration and research.

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