Size Matters Gameplay Preview – Find the antidote before you shrink!

Size Matters is a pretty interesting puzzle game where you are a lab scientist that has accidentally shrunk yourself. You have a limited amount of time to gather all the necessary key ingredients for the antidote before you shrink out of existence. Continue reading Size Matters Gameplay Preview - Find the antidote before you shrink!

Fate of Kai Demo Gameplay Preview – Neat narrative puzzle game

The Fate of Kai demo shows off a very interesting and ingenious narrative puzzle game. You interact with the game through a comic book, flipping through pages as the narrative unfolds. Your main goal is to help the hapless protagonist Kai get through the story safely. Continue reading Fate of Kai Demo Gameplay Preview - Neat narrative puzzle game

Pixross Gameplay Preview – Picross Variant

Pixross is a solid nonogram/picross variant. Nonograms are a paint by the numbers type of puzzle where each row and column indicate the number of pixels that are coloured in. Each row or column can indicate multiple numbers, for example a two and a three, meaning that there is a group of two pixels and three pixels separated by at least one empty space. Continue reading Pixross Gameplay Preview - Picross Variant

Kine Gameplay Preview – Challenging Musical Puzzles

Kine is a charming puzzle game about anthropomorphic instruments trying to make their way in life as musicians. You navigate through the levels by extending arm and leg like limbs and rotating and reorienting yourself until you reach the final destination. The mechanics are incredibly simple but it is much harder than it sounds. Continue reading Kine Gameplay Preview - Challenging Musical Puzzles

A Monster’s Expedition Gameplay Preview – Relaxing Puzzle Game

A Monster's Expedition is a very lovely and charming puzzle game where you play the role of a monster on holiday taking a trip through an outdoor museum studying humans. The game has some hilarious and wholesome exhibits that poke gentle fun at the silly things most people do in everyday life. Continue reading A Monster's Expedition Gameplay Preview - Relaxing Puzzle Game

Ever Forward Gameplay Preview – Cinematic Puzzle Game

There are usually two types of puzzle games. One type has a clear cut solution with only one possible path to that solution. For games like this, the main fun comes in figuring out the path to the win state, such as Portal 2. The other type of puzzle game has many possible paths. These are less structured and the fun comes in breaking the game in new and oftentimes hilarious ways, ala Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (a vastly underrated game). Ever Forward falls into the first category but it does a great job of obscuring the path to the solution and makes it feel like a more open world. Continue reading Ever Forward Gameplay Preview - Cinematic Puzzle Game

Terrorarium Gameplay Preview – Pikmin Adjacent

I try my hardest when writing about games to not compare them to other similar games because I feel like that is a really lazy way to describe something. I'm still guilty of doing it from time to time because it's a hard habit to break out of, but I think there's no way around it this time. Terrorarium is a Pikmin-esque game. Continue reading Terrorarium Gameplay Preview - Pikmin Adjacent

Röki Gameplay Preview – Charming Fairy Tale Adventure Puzzle Game

Röki is a very charming adventure puzzle game reminiscent of the point and click adventure games of old. The game is beautifully animated and is gushing with charisma and style. The minimalistic art and muted colors work really well together with the calming music and ambient back ground noises to create a distinct personality for the game. Continue reading Röki Gameplay Preview - Charming Fairy Tale Adventure Puzzle Game