Princess Farmer Gameplay Preview

Developed by Samobee Games, published by Whitethorn Games – March 31, 2022 (X1/S/X, PS4/5, S, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 –

Princess Farmer is a match three puzzle game. You play as a rather wholesome rabbit who has been recruited by Gaia herself to become a Princess Farmer in order to protect all of nature. You apparently do this by rearranging vegetables in gardens.

The game is a simple match 3 where you can push and pull vegetables to manipulate columns.

The puzzle mechanic is straight forward and easy to grasp. You can manipulate the columns of vegetables by pulling up a vegetable to shift the entire column up by one, or insert a vegetable to shift it down. You can hold up to five vegetables.

Later levels will introduce new mechanics such as the rocks shown above. Rocks can only be removed by smashing them into other rocks.

You go around from column to column, pulling and pushing vegetables in order to match three or more in rows, columns, and diagonal lines. The game does add some variety into the game play in later levels. One level introduced rocks. Rocks will take up a space until you pick it up and smash it into another rock. Another level may require you to match a certain vegetable. Other levels had the top two rows obscured so you have to memorize the location of the vegetables. The main mechanic is pretty fun enough and the ways they spice up the game play does keep it interesting.

The game is too saccharine sweet to the point that it gave me diabetes.

In between the puzzles are light narrative elements. Now this wasn’t particularly my cup of tea because the dialogue was too wholesome to be relatable. I’m no edgelord, but the dialogue was too saccharine sweet to be enjoyable. It does give a nice change of pace from the puzzles and gives you something else to do however. You can also unlock new skins and color palettes by earning hearts from completing the puzzles.

Overall, Princess Farmer is a solid match three puzzle game. The mechanic is simple and intuitive enough and later levels add in more variety to the game play to keep things interesting. It’s also a very wholesome kind of game if you enjoy those things.

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