Midnight Protocol Gameplay Preview

Developed by LuGus Studios, published by Iceberg Interactive – October 13, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1162700/Midnight_Protocol/

Midnight Protocol is a game where you play as a hacker. Much like Hollywood movies, the hacking element is more for show and not based on realism. Instead, what you have are very fun puzzles about navigating nodes to siphon money and data while avoiding detection.

The puzzles are pretty well designed and the solutions are very flexible. For each level, you have a series of nodes you must navigate. You can only execute two actions per turn and after ending your turn, the security system will start tracing you. Once the trace meter is full, they will start draining your credits or worse.

The puzzle elements come in the form of obstacles. As you travel from node to node, some may have an obstacle in place. Some are just walls that you must break down, others poison you, and others will increase the trace meter and so forth. The game gives you both offensive and defensive abilities to avoid these countermeasures.

The game also has a nice narrative element, mostly through emails exchanged between you and your team.

Even if you fail, the game is very forgiving and will let you restart anytime and swap out abilities to tackle the level in a more optimal fashion. The game also has a nice progression system where you can spend your credits on new abilities in the black market and tackle side missions that showcase new obstacles or subtly teach you new ways to solve certain situations.

Overall, Midnight Protocol is a pretty fun puzzle game. The puzzles are well designed, very forgiving, and the solutions are very flexible. They are pretty trivial to solve in the beginning but get larger in scale and in complexity later on. While the game is far from the repetitive and mundane nature of the real thing, it does make you feel like a hacker, at least the ones from a Hollywood movie.

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