Occupy Mars Tips and Tricks – How to setup power

YouTube guide on setting up Power
Occupy Mars Power Guide - Simple Power Layout
Simple power setup using 8 solar panels and one battery. You can either daisy chain batteries in series or put them in parallel using more transformers.

To setup a basic power network in Occupy Mars you will need a power source, a storage unit, and a way to distribute the stored power.

The easiest and simplest way is to create four solar panels.

Occupy Mars Power Guide - Create four solar panels
Create four solar panels. Each panel generates 5kW and four will generate a total of 20kW.

Hook these solar panels up to input of one transformer. The inputs of the transformer are colored yellow and the outputs are colored blue.

Connect the output of the transformer (any socket will do) to the yellow input of the battery.

Occupy Mars Power Guide - Connect 4 solar panels to one transformer
The four solar panels are connected to the input of one transformer. The input sockets are colored yellow.

Connect the blue output socket of the battery to the yellow (any socket will do) input of another transformer.

Occupy Mars Power Guide - Connect battery to second transformer
Here you can see the battery connected to a second transformer.

From the transformer’s output, you can connect up to four devices that need power such as a rock crusher, the workshop, and etc.

Click on the transformer’s display window (the one connected to the four solar panels). Make sure 100% of the power is going out to the battery.

Occupy Mars Power Guide - Set transformer output to 100% for battery
Make sure 100% of the power is going into the battery. The default settings have power distributed to other sockets even when there is nothing connected to them.

Click on the battery’s display window and make sure 100% of the power is going out to the second transformer. You can set the power output to lower than 100% if you want to store power. You can also increase the power output to greater than your input if you have stored power but of course this will deplete your reserves fairly quickly. The battery is primary used for saving power for the night cycle and storms.

Click on the second transformer’s display window and divide the power to all the devices that need it. You may need to use more than four solar panels to generate the power needed. In this scenario, instead of connecting the transformer to a battery, connect it to yet another transformer. This way, you can connect up to 16 solar panels to one transformer. Each small solar panel generates 5kW so you will definitely need more than four to power up one single workshop, which uses usually above 20kW.

Occupy Mars Power Guide - Daisy chaining transformers
You can daisy chain transformers to keep connecting power inputs to outputs. It gets a bit messy but it’s the only way at the start.

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