Unforeseen Incidents Gameplay Preview

Developed by Backwoods Entertainment, Application Systems Heidelberg, published by Application Systems Heidelberg – May 24, 2018 (S, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/501790/Unforeseen_Incidents/

Playing Unforeseen Incidents after Covid was an interesting experience. The game came out originally on May of 2018 on the PC. The game starts out with two radio hosts talking about a mysterious and fatal disease going around town, dubbed the “Yelltown Fever”. Symptoms manifest almost immediately after being infected and the disease kills within hours of contracting it. I know it’s nothing like Covid but seeing recent events, the game almost feels prophetic in a way.

The game is pretty interesting to play after Covid. One can’t help but compare the Yelltown Fever to real life events.

You follow the misadventures of one everyday handyman Harper Pendrell as he works with Professor Rupert MacBride to uncover the secrets of the Yelltown Fever and stop it before it turns into an epidemic.

The dialogue is so dry and witty, I needed some lotion. OK, that was a lame joke.

Narrative dressing aside, Unforeseen Incidents is a point and click adventure game. This means you’ll be doing a lot of pointing and clicking and listening to people talk for a long time and then click on everything on the screen to find items and mash items together until you solve the puzzle. The beautiful graphics, along with the great voice acting and witty dialogue make the game a pleasant experience.

The art style looks so good! I absolutely love it!

The art style is fantastic for this game. It looks and feels like a comic strip come to life. Every area looks gorgeous and the characters look memorable. The voice acting performances are well done and when combined with the witty and sometimes wholesome dialogue, it really brings the characters to life.

As for how the game feels, it’s pretty much like most point and click adventure games. You go from location to location, sometimes backtracking, listening to a lot of dialogue, and then trying to solve puzzles. Thankfully the game has some modern quality of life improvements and you can quickly skip to an area by double clicking on the edge of the screen so you don’t have to watch Harper slowly walk everywhere.

The item interface is pretty smooth. Simply mouse over the top of the screen to select and drag items.

As for the puzzles, they are standard point and click adventure fare. Most will be pretty straight forward if you pay attention to the dialogue while some require out of the box thinking. You simply mouse over the top of your screen to bring up items, select your item, and then drag it onto the item you want to interact with. The interface is pretty minimal and makes interactions feel smooth.

The game starts going places once you run into a mysterious, infected woman who tasks you with delivering a letter to a reporter.

Overall, Unforeseen Incidents is another well made point and click adventure game! It looks fantastic, the voice acting performances bring the characters to life, and the dialogue is pretty darn funny and is reminiscent of the dry wit found in the classical games such as Secret of Monkey Island.

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