Uragun Demo Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Kool2Play – March 30, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: TBA – https://store.steampowered.com/app/724000/Uragun/

The demo for Uragun showed a twinstick shooter featuring a mech shooting other robots. The setup for the narrative was that a mech powered up many years later to find all traces of humanity gone and rogue robotics running amok on the planet instead. Your only companion is an artificial intelligence that managed to avoid being corrupted like the other machines. Together you set off to find the cause of the corruption and to see if any humans are left.

The objectives are usually fetch quests, such as collecting fuses shown above.

The demo is pretty short but did show enough of what the game will be like. You control the mech and shoot everything in sight while completing objectives. The objective are usually fetch quests and require you to collect something or destroy something.

You have two weapons, two abilities, and a core module as shown above.

The shooting felt pretty smooth and fun. You have two weapons, two abilities, and one ultimate. The abilities power up as you defeat enemies and collect the orbs they leave behind. I only unlocked one ability in the demo. It was an AOE electrical pulse and it was pretty effective at eliminating a lot of enemies at once.

The game also seems to have a loose upgrade system. After completing each level, you may unlock a module that modifies your weapons, such as making it shoot faster. You also earn currency and can use that currency to upgrade your weapons, which for now only unlocks more modification slots.

Shooting everything in sight provides a great, mindless fun. The controls feel pretty good for the most part.

Overall, the demo for Uragun showed a pretty fun game. The shooting and movement feel good. The game did seem a little bit on the shallow side in terms of mechanical depth but hopefully the full release will be more realized.

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