Firegirl Gameplay Preview

Developed by Dejima, published by Thunderful Publishing – December 14, 2021 (X1/S/X, PS4/5, S, PC)
*MSRP: $17.99 –

Firegirl is a roguelite about a fire fighter rescuing people from burning buildings. The whole city is ablaze with what seem to be fire demons and it’s up to Firegirl and her trusty team to get to the bottom of this.

The art style looks fantastic for me. The juxtaposition of 2D sprites on a 3D world looks pretty darn cool.

The first thing about Firegirl that will stick out to most people are the graphics. The game features 2D sprites in a three dimensional world. It does work well for the game. The sound track is pretty catchy as well.

As for the game play, the levels are procedurally generated as you play the game. Your goal is to go through the level and rescue all the citizens that are trapped and then exit safely. You have two tools at your disposal to help you do this, your trusty axe and a back mounted portable fire hose.

The fire hose can be used as a jetpack in a pinch but you do run out of water pretty quickly so use it sparingly.

The axe is used to break down doors and clear debris while the portable hose can be used to put out fires, defeat fire demons, and can also be used as a jetpack to fly to areas otherwise unaccessible. The levels are timed so you do have to hurry through and finish as quickly as possible before time runs out.

You need to rescue all the hostages to earn the bonus money but it was actually impossible to do so. Thankfully the issue has been fixed so it should be easier to do now.

I played the game on release day and there were definitely some issues that caused great frustration to me as a player. Thankfully most of them are fixed as of writing this article so I will not mention them other than to point out that there are still a few minor bugs, mostly achievements not unlocking and some levels not generating correctly towards the end. It used to be that the levels were actually impossible to complete if you were to rescue all the hostages and being unable to do so meant you earned money at a very slow rate, making the game quite a grind. Fortunately the game is in a good state right now with money being much easier to earn.

One of the problems with the game was that you ran out of water very quickly and were unable to progress in the game. Now water refills should be more available.

The game is quite difficult to complete but you do earn money every run, even after failing a level. You earn significantly more money if you managed to successfully exit a level after rescuing all hostages. The money can be used to purchase upgrades to your health, armor, water tank capacity and strength, as well as passive upgrades to increase your profit and reduce costs for every run.

Playing the game felt pretty good for the most part. The stylish graphics and soundtrack and arcadey game play felt pretty good. It was definitely very frustrating not being able to complete levels successfully due to the levels being too large for the time given but that issue should be fixed after the latest patches.

Overall, Firegirl is a pretty fun, arcadey experience that will feel much better after some fine tuning is done. There’s definitely potential here and after the recent fixes from the developers, feels much closer to being a polished game.

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