Toy Tinker Simulator Gameplay Preview

Developed by Turquoise Revival Games, published by GrabTheGames, WhisperGames – November 21, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $12.99 –

Toy Tinker Simulator is a simple sim where you disassemble, clean, and reassemble old toys.

You can select projects on the laptop and mark the required items necessary for its repair.

You start the game by selecting a project from the laptop. At first, you only have beginner projects available but as you fix more toys and gain experience, you’ll have intermediate and higher difficulties unlocked. Each project has a required list of supplies before you can start it. You pin the needed supplies to a list and go purchase them from the market.

The market is where you purchase anything you need. Equipment is expensive but only a one time purchase.

The supplies can be things like sponges and paints, tools such as screwdrivers, or large equipment such as the ultrasonic cleaner. Once purchased, you go into the workshop to disassemble the toy, clean the parts, and do whatever additional work needed such as sanding down wooden toys, refilling stuffed animals, and etc., and finally reassemble the product.

To finish you take a picture to compare the before and after and turn it in as complete to collect your earnings.

The game certainly lacks polish and cuts corners for the mechanics as shown above. The hitbox for the cleaning area does not match the item in question.

While the game is satisfying to a certain degree, the game’s lack of freedom in every aspect of the mechanics and lack of overall polish breaks the immersion for me. The game feels like it’s on rails. You simply click on pieces to remove them. You don’t move anything around at all or use the tools yourself. And for tasks like the cleaning, there is a distinct lack of polish. The hitbox for the sponge is way larger than the object sometimes so you can “clean” it by scrubbing an area complete off the item. The scrubbing sound effect also plays continuously even when not going through the motion of cleaning.

Overall, Toy Tinker Simulator is a game with a lot of potential but falls flat in execution. It is still satisfying to repair a toy but quickly becomes very repetitive and tedious as each task is going through the same motion.

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