Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Teravision Games – November 11, 2021 (Steam, Oculus)
*MSRP: $24.99 –

Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space is a pretty hectic VR tower defense game. You build towers and upgrade them while shooting enemies with pistols and stunning them with chanclas. Yes, chanclas are in the game.

Each level has multiple lanes where enemies spawn. Their goal is to reach your space ship and steal the Enercubes, friendly cube like creatures that store a lot of energy. The level has predetermined spaces where you can built turrets so the gameplay boils down to deciding what kind of turret to place where and when. Towers are built using scrap earned by defeating enemies.

The game has four different types of turrets available. The first type available for use is a generic turret that fires fireworks. The second is a tower that freezes enemies in place and slows their progress. The third launches giant bombs that deal splash damage. And finally the fourth tower fires a laser that deals increasing damage over time. The towers can be upgraded using the Enercubes you save in each level. The upgrades increase the damage dealt and the duration of Toonride, an ability that lets you manually control the towers. Toonride is a pretty busted ability that lets you shoot nonstop.

In addition to towers, you have at your disposal pistols and chanclas. The pistols can be upgraded to fire automatically, deal more damage, and show weakspots of enemies to shoot for extra damage. The chanclas can be thrown to stun enemies as well as destroy any tech they are wearing. In the later levels, most enemies will have any combination of tech such as armor to increase their health or rockets to increase their movement speed.

The levels usually have bosses in between waves as well. The bosses can be a giant T-Rex to a literal shark tank that swims underground. These provide a challenge due to their large health pool as well as having to deal with the smaller minions that spawn at the same time.

Playing the game on the later levels feels pretty hectic. You have to do multiple things at the same time and you oftentimes feel overwhelmed. I find myself zooming around the map to use the chanclas to disable enemy tech, zoom back to shoot at flying enemies that can just carry the Enercubes out of the game immediately, all the while making sure to upgrade my turrets and make sure all lanes are covered. It’s pretty easy to lose track of enemies and lose a lot of Enercubes.The game definitely provides a challenge until you manage to get enough upgrades to make the levels more manageable.

Toonride lets you manually control turrets and it is quite overpowered. Sadly it only lasts a limited time.

The controls feel pretty good for the most part. Your main form of movement is teleporting around to turrets so I felt very little potential for motion sickness, although it can be disorienting when you teleport in terms of knowing where to aim. There’s very little arm motion as well so you can play seated with some clear space in front of you.

Overall, Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space is a pretty fun and engaging tower defense game. It does get a little bit frustrating early on in the later levels when you can’t defend the Enercubes adequately until you get more upgrades. The game also has a light narrative with voice acting that does feel quite cheesy in a Saturday cartoon kind of way.

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