Learning Factory Gameplay Preview

Developed Luden.io, published by Nival – February 18, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1150090/Learning_Factory/

Learning Factory is a cute game where you design and create factories for your cat customers. As a game where you design production lines, it’s a bit simpler than something such as Factorio and Satisfactory but still offers a lot of depth. Also cats, a lot of cats.

The map of Learning Factory has resource nodes spread all across the level. The more advanced nodes are towards the outer edges.

Learning Factory has a set over world map with resource nodes spread all around. The goal of the game is to collect those resources, produce goods in demand by your cat customers, and increase your revenue. The money you collect from the sales of your goods is used to fund research, which unlocks new technology.

Research is unlocked by money. You earn money by selling cats the items they want.

The new tech can be anything from new conveyor belt technology such as splitters and sorters, to new factories for new products, to smart shops that can automatically adjust prices of goods to maximize profit. The shop works by having two conveyor lines, one for bringing in cat customers and one for bringing in products.

Each cat has their own satisfaction pyramid, which is just a sequence of items you need to make. Once you reach the top, you unlock a new cat with more strict demands.

Each cat demands a certain set of items. As you meet their demands, new cats are unlocked which require more advanced products. The more advanced products require advanced resources and have multiple steps to produce.

Overall, Learning Factory is a pretty fun production line design game. It’s simple at first but as you get towards the end, creating the more advanced products requires planning out your builds.

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