Growbot Gameplay Preview

Developed by Wabisabi Play, published by Application Systems Heidelberg – October 21, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Growbot is a very cute point and click adventure game about a robot that grows plants in space. The plants are used to power a defense system that protects their home world. Something goes horribly wrong and the station the growbot was assigned to is under attack. Talk about a hectic first day of work.

The game’s art style is incredibly adorable. It feels like an oil pastel children’s book come to life.

The art style of Growbot is incredibly cute. The game feels like an animated children’s book come to life. Almost everything has blushing cheeks and shiny, googly eyes. Coupled with the very cute art style are equally cute lines of dialogue. Everything is wholesome and goofy. Even the backing tracks are cute. It’s just cuteness overload all around.

The puzzles are pretty well made. They’re not too difficult but still require some exploration and tinkering.

Don’t let the aesthetics deceive you however. The game is actually a very solid point and click adventure. The puzzles are pretty straightforward once you know what you’re looking for but getting to that point can require a little bit of trail and error, as is often the case in point and click adventure games. It’s not too frustrating so it feels more immersive as you explore and try to fix the station up.

Growbot has a new mechanic where you have to replicate a note pattern. Don’t worry though, you can turn on hints to make it much easier.

The game has the standard mechanics of a point and click adventure game. You click on every item you can, learn some hints, and then use consumable items to solve puzzles. Sometimes items can be combined. In addition to this, Growbot has a new mechanic where you create a key by listening to a note sequence and replicating it using flowers. It’s not too difficult and for those who are tone deaf, you can turn on hints and it’ll display the name of the flowers instead.

Overall, Growbot is a fun point and click adventure overloaded with cuteness.

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