Glitchpunk Gameplay Preview – Top Down Open World Cyberpunk

Developed by Dark Lord, published by Daedalic Entertainment – August 11, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Glitchpunk is a top down, open world game in the vein of the original Grand Theft Auto games but set in a cyberpunk dystopia. You are just dropped off into the game and you are immediately ready to explore and go on missions in a pretty large open world.

You are an android and people do not seem to be especially fond of androids in this city.

The game doesn’t set up the narrative that well but from what you can gather, you are an android. Androids are not treated so well in this city so you’re forced to do the human’s dirty work of taking out other humans. Your interactions with characters mainly come from doing missions and even then, most of the dialogue feels a bit detached somehow. I can’t quite put my finger on why but you don’t really feel attached to any of the characters.

The driving is some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. The roads feel like I am driving on an oil spill.

That said, the game does have a lot of potential but as of right now, the game is marred by a few shortcomings. The game does not run very well on my machine, it stutters every few minutes making the game not pleasant to play through. The driving is absolutely horrible on keyboard. The tires have no grip so you are sliding around everywhere. And finally, there are some minor bugs and balancing issues that make the missions a bit of a chore.

Glitchpunk does have some potential. Some of the things I saw reminded me of Cyberpunk 2077 in a good way.

If you can look past the flaws, Glitchpunk does have something to offer. The world is pretty large and there’s a lot to explore. Some of the missions and characters you meet definitely remind me of Cyberpunk 2077 in a good way. The lore is interesting enough but there isn’t enough of it to fill out a backdrop.

Overall, Glitchpunk definitely shows some promise but it is in dire need of polish. It does manage to capture some of that old school Grand Theft Auto magic but a lot of things are getting in the way. This is an early access title so hopefully the game will get more polished in the future.

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