Gigapocalypse Gameplay Preview – Rampaging Through Cities

Developed by Goody Gameworks, published by Headup – July 22, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Gigapocalypse is a simple Kaiju simulator where you play as a giant monster. You go on a rampage and destroy entire cities. It does feel like a mobile game ported to PC but there is still some fun to be had.

The monster will walk forward automatically and you control the attacks.

The game is structured very similarly to a roguelite. Your Kaiju will walk forward automatically and you can execute a melee attack, a ranged attack, or special attacks. All attacks consume rage and rage is generated whenever you deal or take damage. As you progress through the cityscape, the humans will attempt to stop you in any way possible. The first few times will be difficult as you don’t have a lot of health or deal enough damage. You will definitely end up dying the first few runs.

The image above shows the pets interface. Assign a pet to help out your Kaiju during your ramapges.

After each run however, you earn mutation points. The mutation points can be spent to purchase passive upgrades to increase damage or health. You can also spend the mutation points to assign and upgrade pets to your Kaiju. Pets are autonomous units that aid you in your quest to destroy everything by automatically attacking enemy units or providing healing.

Decorations also provide passive bonuses and they can be quite helpful.

You can also unlock decorations with points. Each decoration provides passive bonuses such as health and rage regeneration and etc. Finally, you can purchase and upgrade active abilities. The abilities are usually offensive in nature and can range from hurling fireballs onto unsuspecting humans down below or giving you a brief period of invulnerability.

For some reason the boss gives you easy math problems?! Nani?

Each level culminates into a boss fight. The first boss is a giant mech wielding a sword and shield and math. Yes math. For some reason the boss will give you random math problems during the fight. I found it to be quite random and hilarious. The game is chock full of silly little flourishes that add to the experience.

This game definitely feels like a straight port of a mobile game. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but the user interface can use a touch up for pc gamers.

Overall, Gigapocalypse is a pretty simple and straightforward game. While there is some fun to be had, it does feel quite limited due to it feeling like a straight port of a mobile game. The user interface and mechanics can use a bit of a touch up for pc gamers.

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