Highrisers Gameplay Preview – Crafting Survival in a Skyscraper

Developed by Solar Powered Games, published by Assemble Entertainment – July 15, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $13.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/733820/Highrisers/

High Risers is a crafting survival game that takes place in a skyscraper. You landed on the roof due to your helicopter failing. It seems to be held together with duct tape and gum. Now you must traverse from the roof down to the lower floors to gather enough supplies to survive and fix the helicopter. There’s just one problem, the ground floor of the building is overrun with zombies and they will slowly make their way up to the top.

Everything and anything can be deconstructed into base components! Take everything!

The game is a dream come true for people who like to hoard things in games. Every floor is chock full of loot. Almost every item can be taken and not only that, the furniture and fixtures can be completely disassembled and broken down into components. It does take some time to disassemble things so it’s best to make sure all four survivors are working on something.

As time passes, your survivors will earn skill points to unlock new craftable items and weapons as well as passive bonuses.

After taking the items and materials, you can craft basic weapons and barricades to stop the zombies from progressing. As you spend more time in the skyscraper, your survivors gain skill points and these skill points can be used to unlock more craftable items and weapons as well as passive bonuses to give you a better chance at surviving the tower.

The lower floors are home to a swarm of zombies.

The game progresses at a slow rate and that’s not a bad thing at all considering it takes a lot of time to gather resources. Inventory management is a complete nightmare though. There’s really no way to store items in a neat manner early game and you just end up with piles of loot covering the entire floor.

As you repair the helicopter, it takes more advanced materials to fix. This forces you to go further down the skyscraper putting your survivors at great risk.

Overall, Highrisers is a pretty simple but neat crafting survival game. It does feel a bit slow at times but you need the time to get everything done in time. Hope your multitasking skills are on point because you’re going to need them for this game.

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