Redeliver Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Nyfarious – May 10, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $0.99 –

Redeliver is an interactive visual novel about a young girl named Red. You follow her as she travels throughout the land redelivering unclaimed mail while searching for her grandmother so she can give her a cure for her ailment.

You follow along Red as she redelivers unclaimed letters to fellow villagers and hears out their life stories.

Along the way Red meets a wide assortment of characters and as you interact with them, it turns out things are not as they seem. The plot thickens as you progress and takes some twists and turns you don’t see coming.

While I did enjoy the overall plot (I won’t go into spoiler territory), I felt that the delivery of the narrative was a bit poor. Most of the delivery is done through the dialogue and a lot of it felt very awkward, wooden, and unnatural. It felt more like an info dump rather than an actual conversion between real, living people.

The pacing felt a little uneven as well, with the game introducing characters and then immediately inserting a sob story. This undermines the emotional impact because there was no time to get to know and invest in the characters.

There’s definitely a not so subtle theme of class warfare weaved into the narrative.

Complaints aside, the overall narrative has a lot of promise. The game tackles the theme of class warfare and portrays the collective discontent, frustration, and unhappiness of the working people trying to survive in land suffering from drought. It does, however, have about the same level of subtlety as Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer, where social classes are literally divided into different train cars.

Most of the puzzles are simply solved by clicking on the right object.

The game play is pretty straight forward and some may find it a bit too simple. Most of the puzzles revolved around finding the correct location on a map, and then finding the right object.

Overall, Redeliver is a game that definitely has some flaws and lacks polish in many areas but has some promise. The game took me around ninety minutes to complete.

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