Before We Leave Gameplay Preview – Colonizing planets

Developed by Balancing Monkey Games, published by Team17 – May 13, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Before We Leave is an interplanetary exploration adventure. You lead a band of peeps that emerge from an underground shelter to reclaim the surface world once again. One thing leads to another and soon enough you repair a space ship and take to the stars to explore uncharted territories.

The game plays like a management sim. You don’t take control of each individual peep. Rather, you focus on building the infrastructure of your settlement and the peeps will take care of everything else on their own.

When the peeps emerge from the underground shelter, you find yourself on a lush island. Here, you can start building your village out, growing vegetables and collecting water to keep your peeps fed and happy. You can also harvest wood from nearby trees, and collect stone from nearby piles of rocks.

You gather research (green, red, blue, etc. colored capsules on the ground) to unlock new buildings.

As you collect technology, you can unlock more buildings from the research tree available in the library. These buildings allow you to harvest and refine different types of materials as well as make it much easier to manage the happiness of your peeps. Soon enough, the island you started out on will not be enough to sustain your village so you take to the seas to search for new lands.

These new islands will have more advanced resources as well as research materials. You can even interconnect the villages on each island by creating trade routes and assigning ships to ferry resources back and forth.

Soon enough, you’ll have advanced to the point where you can repair the space ship and take off into space, landing on new planets and repeating the process. These planets have new resources and new challenges to overcome.

The game is pretty chill and you can take your time planning out your village.

Overall, Before We Leave is a very solid and engrossing management sim. The graphics look nice and polished. The game play loop is very rewarding and relatively stress free. You just try your best to build as efficient a village as possible and simply wait long enough to collect all the needed resources. You don’t need ever really need to handle any crises or face time sensitive obstacles, at least on the easier difficulty levels. The challenge lies in building a village that can take advantage of all the resources in a limited space, so some planning for the layout is necessary.

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