Unbinary VR – Full Walkthrough

Refer to the full video walkthrough above if you need additional help.

Unbinary is a neat little VR puzzle game where you play as a robot navigating test rooms. The robot is accompanied by a disembodied voice talking you through the testing procedures. The story gives off a similar vibe to Portal. The game play is pretty different in that the robot can switch face plates to give itself new powers. The green mask lets the you open doors and activate switches locked behind scanners while the yellow mask lets you grab objects and climb ladders. The game will take roughly thirty minutes to complete on your first attempt and new content will be added later as the game is in early access.


Using the Oculus Quest 2 controller as reference.
X – Rotate Camera Left
A – Rotate Camera Right
Analog Sticks – Show movement cursor
Y/B – Move to movement cursor location
Triggers – Grab objects

I’ve found the best way to move is to hold Y/B as you move the analog stick and then let go to teleport once you have found a suitable location with the cursor.

Space Requirements

You will be reaching forward and sometimes standing up so you will need standing space and about an arm’s length of space cleared in front of you.

Motion Sickness

You are moving around the map and you can occasionally go through walls and objects creating a sense of disorientation so if you are sensitive to VR you may want to be a little cautious as you play this game and take your time moving around.

Green Mask – Room 1 (Click on the pictures to embiggen).

Grab the green mask off the robot on the wall and put it on.
Place your hand on the scanner.
Place your hand on the door switch and move it right.
You can grab the item in the room.

Green Mask – Room 2

Place your hand in the scanner.
Place your hand on the switch and move it right.
This activates the floor, simply walk across it.
Go to the door on the right in the new room and activate the door.
Walk in and walk over the boxes and flip the switch on the wall.
Walk back over the boxes and grab the key.
Insert the key into the console outside the room until it clicks.
Rotate the key to the right. You can rotate to the top first and then rotate to the right.
Once the floor is activated, you can walk across and grab the item.

Yellow Mask – Room 1

Grab the yellow mask off the robot and put it on.
Climb the ladder.
Go past the boxes and pull the switch. This activates the ladder.
Climb the ladder and grab the item.

Yellow Mask – Room 2

Go to the left of the room and climb the ladder.
You’ll have to reach over the edge to grab the last few rungs.
Walk around and flip the switch. You can walk back down.
Grab the boxes on the now lowered lift and throw them into the pit.
Walk on top of the boxes and you should be able to walk to floor.
Grab the item.

Yellow Mask – Room 3

Go to the right and use the monkey bars to cross over.
If you fall down, move the cursor over the white circle on the floor to reset.
Go to the right and walk past the potted plants.
Climb the ladder and walk onto the boxes to flip the switch.
Turn around and grab the key.
Walk back out to the console and insert the key and rotate it.
Walk back to the key room and grab a box and bring it back to throw into the pit.
Walk onto the box and use the monkey bars to cross over.
The droid will push you away, monkey bar over again and Glados adjacent will delete the robot.
Grab the item.

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