Paradise Lost Gameplay Preview – Walking simulator about grief

Paradise Lost is a walking simulator where you play as a young lad named Szymon searching for a mysterious person in a photograph left behind by his late mother.

Szymon sets off to explore a mysterious underground bunker created by the Nazis.

The game is set in what appears to be a nuclear wasteland in Poland. Szymon has found the entrance to an underground Nazi bunker. The narrative clues you find in the game hints at the bunker being created by the Nazis to house and protect the best specimens of the Aryans race so they could nuke the advancing troops of the Allies. Once the radiation has settled, the bunkered people would theoretically re-emerge to take over the world. Sounds like something from a Fallout game.

The only clue left behind by your mother, a photo of a man and the bunker.

Things have obviously gone wrong as there is no one left alive in the bunkers. The only thing left for Szymon is to find the lowest floor of the bunker shown in the picture in order to solve the only clue left behind by your mother from her past life.

The game play is pretty straight forward and similar to other walking sims. You simply walk from area to area, and you can interact with items to find out more about the world of the game. There are some very light puzzles to solve as well, mostly consisting of pulling a lever or pushing a button.

You meet a mysterious lady stuck in a control room. What developments lie in future for young Syzmon?

Overall, Paradise Lost is a very atmospheric walking sim. The game looks pretty good and the world is interesting to explore. The game doesn’t have much in the area of complexity (minus some branching paths) but it makes up for that with an immersive narrative experience. The only flaw is that the voice acting can be a little bit flat at times and did break the immersion a tiny bit.

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