The Fabled Woods – Full Walkthrough

Refer to the full walkthrough video above if you need more help. Timestamps in the description and comments on YouTube.

Game Start (click on images if you need to enlarge them)

The only obstacle here is the fallen log.
Walk to the fallen log at the end of the level, and then walk back to the fire.
The option to member the past should now be available.
Walk all the way back to the bridge and go onto the river bank near by.
Enter the vision mode and look for a rock. Click on the rock to continue.
The fallen log is gone after the sequence.


Once you walk to his cabin, the door will be locked.
The cabin key is located outside on the picnic table near the binoculars.
Once in the cabin, there is another locked door.
The key is located in the second to last drawer in the cabinet near the bed.
Once you open the locked room, enter vision mode and click on the machete on the table.


Once you walk all the way, you’ll find a broken bridge.
Simply walk onto the broken end to enter a new sequence.
In the office sequence, grab the manila folder/enveloper on her desk to continue each time.
Once you exit, you will enter a new sequence.
Walk all the way to the end and you will find another fallen log.
You must do this step, you can’t skip straight to the axe.
Walk back towards the bridge and look for a nearby tree on the left side.
Enter vision mode and touch the axe stuck on the back of the tree.


Keep walking through the sequences, you simply enter, and exit doors.
Once you reach the cabin, the key is located on a barrel on the pier.
Continue on and the ending sequence will play.
You can pick acceptance or denial.
If you pick denial, a short sequence will play and you will have to choose acceptance.
If you choose acceptance, the game will end and credits will play.

If you need further help, refer to the full walkthrough video embedded above or leave a comment down below.

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