Trader Life Simulator Gameplay Preview – Urine Trouble

Developed and published by Mohammed Qasrawi – February 22, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Trader Life Simulator is a supermarket management sim. It’s pretty janky but much silly fun can be had thanks to the game not having many rules in place.

The core of Trader Life Simulator is managing a supermarket, including handling inventory.

The core of Trader Life Simulator is managing a supermarket. You purchase store furniture so you can display your products, you buy products that customers want and stock them, and then you reinvest the profits to hire more employees, buy more furniture, and buy more produce.

The game only has three meters to manage; urine, dirtiness, and hunger. To lower the urine meter, you can simply relieve yourself at a toilet, the bath tub will lower the dirtiness meter, and eating at any food place will lower your hunger meter.

The start of the game requires you to drive and pickup the groceries yourself.

On the supermarket side, you have to drive your car to the grocery supplier, buy products, and drive it back. Once back, you need to unpack your groceries and put them on your stands or in your refrigerators depending on the product. This requires you to keep your car in good condition. Other than that, you just have to make sure to pay your power bill to keep electricity running to the store.

Ah yes, the normal position for a toilet in every supermarket, right behind the cashier. Don’t miss!

Now for the janky part of the game that allows for a lot of goofy fun. The game has no way of detecting whether or not your products are on the proper display unit other than foods that need to be refrigerated. This means you can simply stack your groceries on the floor haphazardly and even create a literal leaning tower of pizza if you want to. The store doesn’t need electricity for unrefrigerated foods so you can even ignore the power bill for early game. On top of this, you can place the toilet and bathtub inside your store at any location and still use it. I placed mine right behind the cashier.

Overall, Trader Life Simulator lacks a lot of polish and deep game mechanics to make it a proper management sim but the lack of polish creates a window for some very goofy fun. There is also some enjoyment to be had by creating an aesthetically pleasing and well organized supermarket.

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