Trigon: Space Story Gameplay Preview – Spiritual FTL Sequel

Developed by, published by, Pleasant Rain Ltd – Q1 2021 (PC)

Trigon: Space Story is the spiritual sequel to FTL. It’s a pretty difficult rogue like set in the deep recesses of space. You and your crew are traveling from system to system, taking on missions and fighting off enemies in order to survive.

I am personally a fan of the Etari ship and crew. You also gain bonus conversation options when dealing with other Etari.

Before the game begins, you can pick your star ship and crew. There are two default star ships, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The Etari ship and crew offer more firepower but are slightly more difficult to use because it requires more micromanagement.

A new system means a random event and they are usually high risk, high reward. Or you can just attack everyone.

After you pick your ship and crew, you are immediately dropped off into the world of Trigon. From here, you can see where your mission objectives are located and plan your itinerary. After jumping into a system, you will run across an event or combat encounter or both (with a chance for an additional combat encounter, oh joy). The events are always high risk, high reward. For example, one event gives you the option to help a team of scientists stranded on an uninhabitable planet. If you succeed in fixing their life support systems, you are handsomely rewarded while if you fail, you will suffer damage to your ship. Many of the random events will take away a crew mate if you fail as well so be cautious when choosing what to do.

The combat is a lot of fun and feels very hectic. It feels like you’re constantly on the edge of losing control.

The combat encounters are pretty fun and feel quick paced. The combat happens in real time and you can use your arsenal to target specific areas on the enemy ship, such as oxygen, engines, weapons, shields, etc. If you damage the enemy weapons area, they will no longer be able to attack you and so forth so there is a lot of strategy invovled. The enemy can do the same to you as well and you can move your crew members around to repair damaged areas as well as reroute power by turning on and off areas of the ship. It turns into a massively hectic, high pressure experience once you face off with much harder enemies.

The red beam is a mission marker. It took me a while to figure that out sadly. I am operating on no sleep!

Overall, Trigon: Space Story is a pretty fun, if hectic, rogue like. The level of quick thinking and micromanagement required creates a high level of enjoyable stress. It’s also quite difficult so you will die plenty of times until you start understanding the game. It’s definitely a rogue like worth checking out and it successfully pays homage to FTL.

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