Puzzle Pedestrians Gameplay Preview – 2D puzzle game about people walking

Developed by Route 24, published by Gotcha Gotcha Games – March 3, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1530280/Pixel_Game_Maker_Series_Puzzle_Pedestrians/

Puzzle Pedestrians is a colorful 2D puzzle game about rerouting people walking. It sounds simple but it can get quite complex in later puzzles.

One of my favorite types of puzzles is routing the Octo Parent so they can pick up all the Octo Babies.

Each puzzle in the game has people, dogs, aliens, and even zombies walking around the town in set routes. The puzzle will give you a unique goal to accomplish. Those goals can vary from something as simple as making sure two people meet, to having people avoid the zombie, to even having an alien parent find their lost children.

Bees let you make the pedestrian take the next open road. Unfortunately zombies are bee proof.

You accomplish these goals by forcing the pedestrians to change their current route by placing an object at certain points on the map. The game leaves you many such tools at your disposal. The first and easiest method is using the bee swarm. Any live creature that comes across the bee swarm will be unable to pass that point and change their route to the next nearest open road. The zombie is unaffected by the bees, I guess being undead has its perks.

The tornado will let you pick up all the pedestrians in a nearby area and reset them to their initial location.

As you progress through the puzzles, the game introduces more and more tools such as the skateboard and tornado. When a pedestrian comes across a skateboard on their route, it will force them to move in a straight line, picking up any other pedestrians in their path until it crashes at a dead end. The tornado will move any nearby pedestrians back to their starting points. You can use these tools in some ingenious ways to move people into the route you want them to take.

The game introduces new mechanics at a pretty good clip. The sneakers let you run fast to either catch up or avoid obstacles.

Overall, Puzzle Pedestrians is a solid puzzle game. The puzzles are neat and a pleasure to solve. They do a good job of easing in new mechanics and slowly ramping up the difficulty to challenge you to think outside the box. Getting three stars on all the maps took me a couple tries. While the puzzles and art style are both fantastic, it seemed to be a lower resolution game scaled up. The constant background music, while great, can get a bit grating after a while as well. These are minor complaints and doesn’t take away from the experience. Puzzle game fans may want to check this game out as I thought the core idea was pretty neat and I haven’t really played anything like it so far.

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