Death Tales Gameplay Preview – Colorful 2D Action Platformer

Developed and published by Arcade Distillery – February 23, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Death Tales is an incredibly colorful 2D action platformer where you follow a reaper as his goes about his daily job of collecting souls. Of course things don’t go as planned and lady Death has gone a little bit overzealous with the whole soul collecting business.

The game has an oveworld map where you can navigate to the desired levels. You can also fast travel since the map is quite large.

The game play plays like a traditional platformer with an overworld map where you navigate to levels. Once in the level, your main goal is to proceed to the right and reach the end. There are many obstacles in the way, ranging from pesky enemies, to bouncing fireballs à la Super Mario Bros., and the ever present bottomless pits.

The combat felt a little bit on the clunky side until I got used to the controls. I would highly recommend playing on a controller.

To take out the enemies, you have at your disposal your scythe and a magic spell. The scythe combat has some built in combos such as an air launcher, an air juggle, an aerial attack, and a heavy attack. Combining these with the dodge and magic spells will let you unleash a lot of damage while staying relatively out of harms way.

You unlock new equipment that gives you different bonuses and supports different play styles.

As you explore levels, you will come across plenty of new equipment. You can change your current loadout with newly acquired items to create a combination of your liking. You can also acquire different head pieces and armor, which may have differing bonuses such as greater jump height, to having a chance to summon meteors.

The game also has a light story and some scenes where you can pick between two options for the narrative. For one scene, you were tasked by the overzealous Lady Death with claiming the soul of a sickly baby. The mother begs to spare her child and take her soul instead. You must pick one and it is an impossible decision to make. It does impact the story a little bit but I don’t know if it has any far reaching consequences for the ending.

The game looks visually stunning in motion. The colors make details pop.

Overall, Death Tales is a pretty solid 2d action platformer. The graphics are gorgeous. The color palette and effects make it visually stunning to behold. The action feels pretty nimble once you get used to the controls. The light narrative is interesting enough without feeling intrusive. It feels like a pop up story book come to life.

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