Sanity of Morris Demo Gameplay Preview – Horror Mystery

Developed by Alterego Games, published by StickyLock Studios – March 23, 2021 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Sanity of Morris is an atmospheric horror mystery. You play the role of Johnathan Morris, as he goes on a search to find his long estranged father in a town shrouded by mystery and possibly inhabited by aliens.

Johnathan is scared of the dark and will see disturbing hallucinations if not in the light.

The game has a sort of sanity system similar to something found in Amnesia. Johnathan is afraid of the dark and is plagued with horrifying visions. If he stays in the darkness too long, it will start to affect his sanity. The game also shows the slow spiraling descent into madness by having objects in the world twist into morbid images of death. These are often put into the game as jump scares. Sometimes when a player picks up an item, it’ll transform into something like a severed hand or paintings will show more creepy images and then revert back.

The game does have some stealth sections and while serviceable, they did feel a bit clunky.

The game plays like a mix of stealth action and mystery. Some sections require you to sneak past enemies hunting for you, while other sections require you to gather clues and solve puzzles.

The mystery and puzzle solving elements of the game appealed the most to me, personally speaking.

Overall, the demo for Sanity of Morris showed a decent horror game. Personally speaking, I don’t get scared by games very much. I felt that the jump scares were a bit overused and because of this, lost their effectiveness. The scenes with quick time events also reduce some immersion. The game, however, does a great job with creating an atmosphere of anxiety by keeping the lighting low and the ambient sound track induces a constant feeling of unease. The stealth sections were serviceable but did feel a little clunky navigating in the dark. The mystery and puzzle solving aspect of the game was the most attractive to me and hopefully the story will deliver something beyond alien plants.

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