Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue Gameplay Preview

Developed by Polyslash, published by PlayWay S.A., Polyslash, HeartBeat Games – February 18, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: Free –

Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue plays just like it sounds. You are a humble mech mechanic servicing broken down mechs for clients, both large and small. The game is published by PlayWay S.A. and like most of PlayWay’s library, the game focuses on a fine balance of wholesome entertainment that is also partially educational and semi-realistic.

To start fixing mechs, you accept jobs from your computer located in the office. Once accepted, the client will drop the mech off. Each job will require different tasks but the most common tasks you will see are cleaning, scanning, and repairing broken parts at the start of the demo.

Some mechs will arrive dirty so some cleaning will be necessary. Simply aim the water jets over the dirt to remove it.

Cleaning the mech requires you to move water jets over the mech to remove all the dirt. There is also a progress bar tracking how much dirt is left, just to let you know if you missed any spots. The scanning portion is where you click on the mech parts to identify which components are damaged. And finally, the assembly section lets you disassemble the damaged mech components, such as the arm, leg, etc. and place them on a workstation.

The scanning phase will help identify which part of the mech is damaged.

At the workstation, you will see the damaged parts as a yellow holograph. You will need to remove all the parts blocking access and finally replace the part with one that is fixed in your stations, or with a brand new part purchased from the store. Once the damaged part is replaced, you assemble everything back again and let the client know the job is finished.

The assembly phase will let you remove the broken part so that it can be fixed and reattached.

The game does a decent job of capturing what it’ll be like to be a mech mechanic but it does lean toward being a bit mundane and repetitive, which may actually appeal to the hardcore simulation crowd but may be a turn off for others.

The damaged part is shown as a yellow holograph and you must remove all the parts blocking access before you can replace it.

Overall, Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue shows off another decently put together simulation game that serves as wholesome edutainment. It probably won’t be for everyone but I’m glad games like this exist. The demo is available for free on steam so people can check it out if they are interested!

P.S. If you are on windows 7 like me and the game is stuck on a black loading screen, press ESC twice to get to the menu screen. If you are running on a potato pc like me, the game will suffer from frame skipping and screen tearing so I would recommend lowering the graphics to low. It ran much more smoothly after that.

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