Rooftop Renegade Demo Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Melonhead Games Pty Ltd – TBA 2021 (PC)

The Rooftop Renegade demo shows off a fast paced runner type of game. You zoom through levels and try your best to avoid obstacles and navigate a changing landscape as goons attempt to chase you down and blow up everything around you.

You enable new abilities, such as boosting and phasing, by unlocking new kicks.

The game lets you modify your play style with your shoes and each shoe comes with their own special abilities. The first kick unlocks the boost ability, which lets you speed up for a short amount of time. As you level up by finishing levels, you unlock other kicks that enable abilities such as a short range teleport (useful for dodging obstacles), a second jump ability in addition to the standard jump, and a phase ability that lets you go through all obstacles for a limited amount of time.

These are the promised features for the full release, including local multiplayer.

The full version of the game gives a glimpse of powerful kicks to let you speed run previous levels, randomly generated content for more replayability, and local multiplayer where your friends can try to impede your progress by breaking passageways or activating obstacles.

The demo shows off a promising, fluid and responsive gaming experience.

Overall, the Rooftop Renegade demo shows off what looks to be a solid runner game. It does control pretty well, and the game flows pretty smoothly even with all the hectic action.

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