Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy way to get the Ten Out Of Ten Achievement (Exploit)

This is one hard achievement to get as it requires you to grind not only the stat tree to 20, but the perk tree as well. This method uses an exploit discovered by Yhannos from the True Achievements Forum: This method still works as of Patch 1.12 but will probably be patched out soon.

  • Make a manual save as a restore point.
  • Buy one of any item that can be stacked and disassembled. I used a can of Nicola as suggested by Yhannos.
  • Go to any trade terminal and sell the can of Nicola.
  • Back out of the sell screen and then press R+ESC at the same time (Y+Menu on console, or whatever the keybinding for interacting with the terminal and the menu is). This is to bring up the buy screen again but glitch it out with the menu.
This is a glitched buy screen where you can purchase back items infinitely at no cost.
  • If you have accessed the glitched buy screen as shown above, you can buy the Nicola back as many times as you want without it costing any money. I would suggest anywhere from around 600 to 1000 units of Nicola. A minute of straight clicking netted me around 400 or so.
  • Level up your Technical Ability tree to 20 so we can level the crafting perk tree to 20.
  • Go into the inventory screen and drink one can of Nicola. This will bug out the interface and remove the disassemble button but still allow the item to be disassembled.
  • Press Z on the Nicola (even with the option to disassemble not shown) and you will be able to disassemble the entire stack of Nicola in one go, netting you many experience points for the crafting perk tree.
  • Because of the bugged interface, you will be able to keep disassembling the same stack of Nicola over and over again until your crafting perk tree is maxed out and the achievement unlocks.

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