Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy way to get the Rough Landing Achievement

Short Guide: Dynalar, Charter Hill, Westbrook -> Climb the van, activate Berserk, jump on top of the two drones.

Long Guide: The Rough Landing achievement was probably the hardest achievement for me to get because the Super Hero Landing is bugged and will refuse to do damage to enemy humans while it has no problem killing civilians. So I made this guide for anyone else who has a hard time getting this achievement.

Legendary Berserk implant at Pumping Station, Wellsprings, Heywood (any Berserk implant will do).

For starters, you will need a Berserk implant installed via a ripperdoc. Any Berserk implant will do but I purchased the Legendary one from the ripperdoc close to the Pumping Station fast travel point located in Wellsprings, Heywood. It required 18 body and around 45,000 eddies so I would suggest making a manual save point before attempting this achievement and restoring back to it after you get it.

After having a Berserk implant installed, travel to the Dynalar fast travel point located in Charter Hill, Westbrook.

Climb the van, wait for the drones to get close to each other, activate Berserk, and jump on the two drones.

Climb up the van and onto the ledge. Once the two drones are close together, press E to activate Berserk mode and then jump on top of the drones. Double jumping is ok if you have the implant installed. The two drones should die and the achievement should proc.

10 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy way to get the Rough Landing Achievement

  1. Awesome man, thank you for mentioning the way to get “Rough Landing” by using those two drones. I got it on my 2nd try after dozens of times trying with regular enemies and doing everything right but never getting the achievement…but anyways got it now, thx again.


  2. This was amazingly helpful. Thank you for the quick explanation and not making me slog through millions of hours of YouTube to get an answer. Love the format and the advice. Thanks!


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