Disjunction Gameplay Preview – 2D Sci-fi Action

Developed by Ape Tribe Games, published by Sold Out – January 28, 2021 (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $15.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/979310/Disjunction/

Disjunction is a 2D stealth action role playing game set in a near science fiction future that feels very similar to the move Blade Runner. You play the role of three different characters that happen to have their stories intertwined by fate.

This is Frank. He’s a bit more of a take out one guy at a time type whereas Joe can just brawl through crowds of enemies.

Each character has different game play implications as well. For example, the first character available is Frank, a grizzled private eye that looks suspiciously a little like Harrison Ford. He wields a stun baton to knock out enemies, a pistol, a smoke grenade to obscure vision, and a dead eye ability to deal extra damage. Joe “Lockjaw” Murphy has mechanized arms, a shotgun, a stun grenade, and a dash that stuns enemies he charges into. Each character handles a little differently and the game gives you the freedom to complete the level in a full stealth, non lethal method or go out guns blazing and end anything that moves.

Characters can further be customized by picking upgrades and talents suited to your play style. They usually emphasize stealth, damage, utility, or defense. The story offers some freedom as well and you can select dialogue choices that the game reacts to. I haven’t seen the extent to which the game changes based on the choices you make but there does seem to be some consequences.

There are a lot of dialogue choices in the game and some do seem to impact the game slightly.

Overall, Disjunction is a solid action role playing game. The 2D graphics look great and both the stealth and action elements of the game handle well. It’s pretty fun to chain together abilities on the fly to take out the enemies. The game’s delivery of the narrative is probably its weakest point. The content of the narrative is excellent and fleshed out but the delivery falls a bit flat and lacks character. When characters speak, it just feels like a text dump as opposed to real people talking. It’s only a minor, personal gripe and it didn’t take away from my experience in playing the game. Minor gripe aside, the game provides a fun experience for both stealth and non stealth players alike.

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