Manifold Garden Gameplay Preview – Perspective shifting puzzle game

Developed and published by William Chyr Studio – October 20, 2020 (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Manifold Garden is a fantastic puzzle game where the central mechanic is based on changing your perspective of the world. You can change gravity to reorient the world around you, opening up new pathways and solutions to puzzles.

Much of the level design in Manifold Garden brings to mind the drawings of M. C. Escher.

The levels in the game are a bit mind bending in the ways they function and bring to mind the drawings of M. C. Escher. The levels repeat infinitely as well and you can use this to your advantage by flinging yourself off the map and landing in an another, more advantageous position.

The art style and sound track create a very cinematic experience to the game, almost as if you are playing in a drawing come to life.

The minimal art style looks great and the ambient sound track lead to a very cinematic experience. The level design is fantastic as well, with the beginning of each level introducing the fundamentals of a new mechanic and then slowly building upon it to create more complicated puzzles that are challenging enough but rarely feel frustrating.

Some of the puzzles require you to think outside the box and thankfully the game’s base mechanics are flexible enough to let you do that.

Overall, Manifold Garden is a well constructed and produced puzzle game. The art style, music, level design, and puzzle design are all top notch. It is a lovely game to play and experience and I highly recommend Manifold Garden to any puzzle game fans out there.

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