Snowtopia Gameplay Preview – Stress Free Management Sim

Developed by TeaForTwo, published by Goblinz Studio, Fractale, Maple Whispering Limited – January 26, 2021 (Early Access, PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 –

Snowtopia is a very relaxing management sim where you run a ski resort. Like most management sims, you don’t actually control individual units and simply manage your resort. I would liken this game to something like Frostpunk, minus all the stress.

Sometimes skiers will require assistance. The Ski Patrol building will provide assistance if you have one.

You start a round by picking one of several maps, each with its own difficulty level. The first and easiest map has three access points and is pretty easy to manage so I would suggest starting there. From each access point, you can build support buildings to help speed up construction, maintain slopes and ski lifts, and help skiers who have gotten themselves into a pickle.

Once you build the Research facility, you can research upgrades to existing buildings as well as unlock new ones, such as the 16 person gondola to ferry even more people at once.

You can also build lifts and trace out slopes to attract skiers. Depending on the angle of descent and how sharp turns are, your slope will automatically get a green, blue, and red rating for difficulty. This will attract different types of skiers, which in turn unlock more bonuses so building a variety of slopes will benefit your resort. Attracting all sorts of skiers will also unlock more research items, which in turn improve the performance of all your buildings.

Once you attract more skiers, lines will get backed up so you will need to upgrade and build new lifts.

Each of these buildings are manned by volunteers, and as you attract more skiers, you will also attract more volunteers. As you attract more skiers, you will need to manage the pedestrian traffic or else you will end up with a long waiting line and very unhappy customers.

Overall, Snowtopia is a pretty straight forward and forgiving management sim. It’s very relaxing to play, helped by a soothing back track. I don’t want every game to be a stressful experience where failure is always around the corner and thankfully Snowtopia is not one of those games.

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