Calico Gameplay Preview – Cat Cafe RPG

Calico is a cutesy cat cafe simulator that plays more like a traditional role playing game. You start off the game by taking over a cat cafe that your aunt used to run. You are now tasked with restoring the cafe to its former glory by redecorating it with all manner of adorable furniture, finding new furry companions to inhabit your cafe, and cooking up tasty treats. Continue reading Calico Gameplay Preview - Cat Cafe RPG

Banners of Ruin Gameplay Preview – Deck building roguelike

Banners of Ruin is deck building rogue like built upon a text adventure dungeon crawler. The game features anthropomorphic depictions of animals, much like the Redwall series of novels by Brian Jacques. As you travel, you'll gather companions, equipment, and experience to try your best to make it to your end goal. Once you die however, you'll have to start a brand new run. Continue reading Banners of Ruin Gameplay Preview - Deck building roguelike