Fallen Angel Gameplay Preview

Developed by Matrioshka Games, published by V Publishing, Surefire.Games – October 22, 2020 (Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1124560/Fallen_Angel/

Fallen Angel is a 2D hack and slash adventure game where you play the role of Satan on a quest to fight the rest of the angels from heaven. You travel the world, defeating enemies and mini bosses until you reach the archangel in charge of the area.

Defeating bosses will usually grant you one of their items, such as the Ring of the Mad King, which grants you 10% lifesteal at the cost of not being able to use healing items.

After defeating the archangel, you will usually obtain their weapon, giving you more power, utility, and options with your arsenal. You can also find new guns scattered throughout the levels as well as new skill unlocks obtained from monoliths. The skills can range from combat moves like the aerial smash to passive bonuses like increased stamina regeneration.

You have many weapons to choose from, such as a shotgun, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, and floating swords.

The combat is pretty straight forward with a main attack from your sword, and then up to three secondary attacks, which include ranged attacks from your guns and special moves from weapons obtained from archangels. In addition to these attacks are special moves unlocked from skills, such as the uppercut which will smash enemies up into the air. You also have a handy dash move to avoid enemy attacks. Most moves use stamina so it is pretty hard to chain together moves to form an effective combo.

Demon form gives you increased move speed, a longer attack range, and a charged dash move.

Finally, you have a special demon form which can be activated once you have obtained enough energy from defeating enemies. In demon form you increased move speed, a longer attack with your sword, and a charged dash move.

Overall, Fallen Angel is a decent hack and slash and some fun can be had with the game. However there are some flaws that do take away from the experience quite a bit.

Enemies have more health in later stages while your damage remains low. This makes combat feel a little on the tedious side.

One flaw that made combat very stale is that progression scaling in the game is a little unbalanced. Enemy health goes up considerably as you advance to later stages while your damage output remains low. Thankfully, enemy damage is very low as well so while you won’t die immediately, it does take a while to defeat enemies. This leads to a playstyle where avoiding encounters is the most effective way to play since defeating enemies only yields ammo so there is no reason to take fights.

Holy Rupture combined with the Ring of the Mad King is a very strong pairing.

The game balances this out by providing a weapon called the Holy Rupture and a very handy life steal item called the Ring of the Mad King. With these two items, you can defeat most bosses and enemy encounters easily.

There are some other flaws such as enemy attack hit boxes being larger than necessary (especially bullet hit boxes in boss fights), resulting in it being absolutely necessary to spam dash to avoid taking damage. The spoken dialogue audio is also at a lower level than the background music, making it pretty difficult to hear. I won’t list anymore, because while the game has some flaws, I still enjoyed my time with the game, especially after finding the Holy Rupture and the Ring of the Mad King.

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