Undungeon Arena Gameplay Preview – Lore Heavy Dystopian Sci-Fi

*Undungeon Arena developed by Laughing Machines, published by tinyBuild – October 29, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: Free (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1276730/Undungeon_Arena/

Undungeon Arena is the second demo released for Undungeon. This time around, the demo focuses on bouts of arena combat interspersed with heavy payloads of lore.

Don’t let Marduk’s appearance fool you. Although he looks like a Kakuna, he can dish out damage.

The combat remains pretty similar to the previous demo, but with two characters being available for play. Void is a mobile and heavy hitting melee character while Marduk is more fragile but specializes in long range attacks. The combat still feels satisfying but is much harder this time around, where you have to balance stamina and crystal usage while fending off devastating enemy attacks.

The thing that stands in this demo and excites me the most about this game is the lore. Undungeon probably has one of the more interesting narratives and world building in recent memory. It has a dark and depressive tone covering a pretty strange and unique science fiction landscape.

The lore in this game is wild. It’s heavy and dark science fiction.

Multiple worlds and almost all life in the universe is almost completely destroyed when seven dimensions merged into one in a cataclysmic event called “The Shift”. As a result of of this, the demo’s main antagonist Gilimantus has constructed a series of dimension traveling mirrors powered by trapping the souls, otherwise known as cores, of many innocent bystanders. When the dimensions unshift, Gilimantus will have at his access, a vast network of mirrors that will allow him to take over the known multiverse with an army of immortal soldiers.

The demo is significantly more difficult this time around. I found myself dying quite often.

There’s much more lore in this short demo and I was honestly surprised by it. Overall, Undungeon Arena is a pretty solid combat oriented action role playing game. The lore is interesting and dark and I am looking forward to seeing more of it. As a side note, there is one bug that is relatively annoying. You can get attacked by invisible enemies that slowly chip away at your hp and slow you down but you can get rid of them by either using the shield ability or by shooting in a circle around yourself. The bug may get fixed by the time of this writing.

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