Fishing: North Atlantic Gameplay Preview – Commercial Fishing Sim

*Fishing: North Atlantic developed and published by Misc Games (PC)
*MSRP: $34.99 (Steam) –

Fishing: North Atlantic is a commercial fishing simulator that focuses on the economic aspect of fishing with a dash of realism. You can immerse yourself by sailing out to sea on the hunt for the next great catch. Traveling from location to location does take quite a bit of time. The game does provide a lot of time saving elements by enabling a fast travel option and auto pilot mode for those who want it.

Your humble starting ship, with no crew and only a harpoon.

You start off with a humble ship and no crew and as you catch and sell more fish you can then use the funds to hire crew, buy better equipment, and even larger boats. Some of the end game boats costs millions of dollars but are able to catch and hold massive amounts of fish or crab.

You can hire a crew member to prepare and toss out deep lines by clicking on the crew icon on the tool bar.

Overall, Fishing: North Atlantic is a semi realistic sim that is pretty relaxing and enjoyable to play. The game is pretty rough and does have some bugs, but there’s a similar feeling of satisfaction to Deer Hunter in tracking down a large school of fish and returning with a big haul.

P.S. Here are some beginner tips I have received while streaming the game. You can skip the tutorial and go start a new career. Take out a large enough loan to buy eight deep lines, bait them with squid, hire the cheapest crew member (they can all scale to max equally), and go to the bar to get a tip on the swordfish location.

You can time skip by looking at the clock on the wall of the cabin.

Purchase the auto pilot mod, as well as the increased storage mod, and auto pilot out to the swordfish location. You can then set the crew member to prepare the deep lines by clicking on the crew icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen’s display, toss them out in a line, and time skip in hour intervals by looking at the large clock in the ship’s cabin. The deep line icon will have a blue outline if it has caught fish. Additionally, you will receive an ingame notification that the lines have caught fish.

This is the hooking mini game. Aiming for center will give you a perfect score, retaining more mass.

Set your worker to haul deep lines, and then slowly drive up next to them, keeping the deep line buoys on the right side of the ship, haul them in, and hook the fish in. Performing better in the hooking mini game means you have more mass of the fish retained, equaling higher profit. Once finished with collecting all the deep lines, simply fast travel back to port and sell your haul, pay back your loan immediately, and repeat the process. Don’t forget to refuel your boat every time! I made around 80,000 dollars per trip this way and you can upgrade to the next ship pretty quickly.

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