Alpaca Ball: Allstars Gameplay Preview – Alpacas playing soccer

*Alpaca Ball: Allstars developed by Salt Castle Studio, published by Badland Publishing, Leoful, Castle Studio – October 15, 2020 (Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Alpaca Ball: Allstars is a delightfully goofy game about an alpaca with a dream, and that dream is the win the Apaca Ball World Cup. The premise seems like it wouldn’t work but the deceptively simple game play mechanic of hitting a soccer ball with the alpaca’s head has a surprising amount of depth to it.

It’s akin to a game like Rocket League where the game play is easily understood but hard to master. You won’t be doing any air juggles into the goal like in Rocket League but there’s definitely room for mastery in the world of Alpaca Ball.

The charge shot is powerful enough to knock Alpaca’s out of the way but it is difficult to aim and time.

In addition to hitting the ball normally, you also have available a charge shot, a dash move to position yourself closer to the ball as well as tackle any Alpaca’s in your way, and a random assortment of power ups to help annoy the opposing team.

Alpaca Ball is one goofy game.

The game also has available different soccer balls such as a bomb, where it explodes after a timer and disables any nearby Alpacas. Normally one would think that using a bomb as a soccer ball wouldn’t be the wisest move but fear not, no Alpaca’s were harmed in the making of the game.

You fight your deceased father in a rather wholesome moment. He also cheats by using psychic powers.

Overall, Alpaca Ball: Allstars is a goofy, wholesome, and more importantly, fun game. The single player campaign is pretty straight forward but it does have some moments, such as when you play a match against your deceased father in a dream. The base game is simple but has substantial depth to it. The only drawback is that the multiplayer is limited to local only with no online play. It does work with Steam Remote Play Together but that service is not consistently reliable so player results may vary.

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