Aquanox: Deep Descent Gameplay Preview – Finding Nemo

*Aquanox Deep Descent developed by Digital Arrow, published by THQ Nordic – October 16, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $29.99 (Steam) –

Aquanox Deep Descent is a reimagining of the original Aquanox series and its precursor, Archimedean Dynasty. In a world devastated by war and pollution, the only remaining safe haven for humanity lies deep under the water in artificial structures. You play as a team of elite agents who have just woken up from cryo sleep to find themselves in this new underwater, lawless land.

Aquanox certainly has some interesting characters, such as one Okabe, who is looking for a fellow named Nemo. I guess you could say he was finding Nemo.

As you explore and find out more about the world of Aqua, you slowly regain lost memories of your mission to save humanity due to the long cryo sleep cycle. You meet a colorful cast of characters, each with their own backstory, and travel to new and interesting locations.

You can access a hub menu from any docked port/ship and upgrade your submarine. Doing so will increase health, damage, and mobility.

Most of the game takes place in your submarine, with controls very similar to a first person shooter. As you go on missions and earn credits and equipment, you can upgrade the damage, health, and mobility of your submarine and even unlock entirely new ones.

The game is definitely rough around the edges but it managed to charm me the more I played it.

Overall, Aquanox Deep Descent is rough around the edges but the game still managed to charm me. It definitely lacks polish in some areas but as you give it time, the world becomes more immersive and the game manages to pull you in. Aquanox also has an online competitive solo or team deathmatch mode which may appeal to some players.

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