DwarfHeim Gameplay Preview – Cooperative RTS

*DwarfHeim developed by Pineleaf Studio, published by Merge Games – October 22, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: TBA (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/977650/DwarfHeim/

DwarfHeim is an interesting take on the real time strategy genre. Instead of having a single player control all of the aspects of managing their base, the labor is divided amongst three players. The three players share a base and some basic units and tasks but control one of three unique classes: the builder, the miner, and the warrior.

DwarfHeim has a unique take on RTS where you pick one of three classes to play in a shared base. Only one of each class can be picked.

The builder focuses on building up the base and specializes in supporting units and structures that provide buffs to the warrior class. The miner specializes in mining ores in the underworld and refining them at a much higher yield than the builder can. They can also create alloys, such as steel, that the other classes cannot create. The warrior focuses on creating a fighting force and using them to defend their base as well as attack enemies.

Playing the miner is like playing Satisfactory. You create an automated production line to produce refined metals.

The three classes play much differently from each other and represent the three main aspects commonly found in most real time strategy games: base building, research, and combat. The miner class is a bit unique from the other two in that you are able to construct a complex network of conveyor belts and furnaces to automate production of alloys. It feels very similar to a more simpler version of Satisfactory.

The builder specializes in supporting the base through buffs, created from brewing ale.

Overall, DwarfHeim is a solid real time strategy game. It doesn’t really change the paradigm of RTS games in terms of mechanics but the division of labor amongst multiple people has a lot of potential. It simplifies the game and lets you focus on one aspect that you really like while still keeping the level of depth and complexity usually found in these type of games. It makes the genre more accessible without losing any of the nuance.

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