Neighbors Back From Hell Gameplay Preview – Point and Click Torture

*Neighbors Back From Hell developed by Farbworks, THQ Nordic, published by Handy Games – October 8, 2020 (Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) –

Neighbors Back From Hell is a HD re-release of the original Neighbors Back From Hell 1 as well as the sequel. The game brings back a strong sense of nostalgia and more importantly the game, for the most part, still holds up in this present day and age.

In Neighbors your main goal is to torture your neighbor by rigging traps, such as clogging a toilet with toilet paper.

Neighbors is essentially a point and click adventure game but taking a more action heavy route. You play the role of an average citizen who is being harassed by some no good neighbors. Taking revenge into your own hands, you sneak into their house with a camera crew to film yourself setting up some rather dangerous looking traps reminiscent of those found in the movie Home Alone.

Most of the later levels will have a pet or the neighbor’s mother patrolling the area. Sometimes you can stealth past them or alert them on purpose strategically.

The neighbor and sometimes his pet dog, bird, or his mother are roaming around the area along with the neighbor himself. Getting caught will result in you getting beat up and getting caught three times will result in failing the level, via death.

Some traps are simple, like the classic marbles on the floor. Others are rather elaborate but all of them inflict a lot of pain.

The game mechanics are very simple, you can interact with some objects in the area to obtain potential trap items or rig them to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting neighbor. The neighbor has a set routine so your goal is to rig the items he interacts with to maximize the amount of suffering you inflict.

Some of the puzzles are well thought out and humorous at the same time. Who thought of capturing live coals with asbestos undies?

Overall, Neighbors Back From Hell still holds up today because of the well designed puzzles. Most of them are simple, and based on some sort of logic. There’s an immense sense of satisfaction when you clear a level without getting caught and in the shortest amount of time possible. I did have a bit of frustration in the last three levels due to some stealth segments, but that is a minor gripe.

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