Little Big Workshop Gameplay Preview – Factory Management Sim

*Little Big Workshop developed by Mirage Game Studios, published by Handy Games, THQ Nordic – October 17, 2019 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Little Big Workshop is a management sim where you run a factory that produces products from scratch. You don’t control or interact with each worker individually but you can assign tasks to work stations. The main way you interact with the game is by choosing which products to make and how to divide the labor. Efficiency maximizes profit. Time is indeed money.

Your workshop starts of really small but you can purchase new workstations and upgrades as you level up.

You start out with a rather small workshop and two employees. You can expand by purchasing more workstations and hiring more people. As you sell products and level up, you will be able to purchase new upgrades such as specialized woodworking machines that get the task down much faster. You will also be able to expand your workshop.

Items are complicated to create, requiring multiple materials and steps before being assembled into the final product.

Products require multiple steps to create. For example, making a simple shovel will require you to create the handles from wood blocks, forge iron into the shovel head, and then combine the two pieces. Each task requires a specific workstation, such as a woodworking table or a foundry. Later on, you will use specialized machines for each task.

As you level up your workshop, you will be able to unlock new upgrades such as woodworking machines or expanding your workshop.

As products get more complicated to create, the game will become more hectic as you will need to spend a lot of resources to make the products and inefficiency in any area will reduce profits. You can also build up relationships with vendors by completing their requests. Doing so will net you more requests for products and higher profit margins.

Analyzing which products will maximize profits is essential for a growing a successful workshop.

Overall, Little Big Workshop is a pretty solid management sim. The main road to victory is in being able to analyze which products will maximize profit, and then designing your workshop and dividing the labor around that product to reduce any waste in time spent. It’s a pretty relaxing game as you can pause or speed up time to your liking.

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