Against the Moon Gameplay Preview – Card Roguelite

*Against the Moon developed by Code Heretic, published by Black Tower – September 24, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Against the Moon is a deck building, dungeon crawling, rogue lite. The main goal of the game is to clear each level and then defeat the final boss at the end.

The combat board consists of three lanes. Any damage not absorbed by creatures will pass on to you.

In order to achieve victory, you must strategize and place down creatures in one of three lanes using Luma, the game’s version of mana. The game simplifies the numbers down and the attack power of all the creatures are combined and then distributed onto the monsters in the opposing lane, with the creatures closest to the middle taking damage first.

There are branching paths as you head towards the final destination, each with differing rewards.

The game lets you choose between branching paths, each with their own reward. The rewards can consist of buffs such as increasing your starting hand by one, adding new cards to your deck, upgrading cards, removing undesirable cards, and upgrading your champions.

Sometimes it may be beneficial to take damage in a lane on purpose in order to deal damage directly to the boss.

There are many viable strategies to victory. The general strategy is to ensure that you receive as little damage as possible while maximizing damage output. This requires a fine balance of maximizing damage in one lane while placing enough units in the other lanes to defend yourself. Many units have special abilities, such as generating shields, that can be used to your advantage depending on the situation.

Overall, Against the Moon is a solid deck building rogue lite. The artwork looks pretty stylish. The overall lore and world building is interesting but the writing is lackluster in my opinion. The balancing of a few of the cards doesn’t seem to scale as well as they could but the overall combat is enjoyable and rewarding.

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