A Brief Look into The Cycle Season 3

*The Cycle developed and published by Yager – October 12, 2019 (PC)
*MSRP: Free to Play (Epic) – https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thecycle/home

I’ve played and enjoyed The Cycle during its first season and now it has moved on to season three. Time does indeed fly. The developers have added in many new things for players both old and new and I’ll do my best to briefly outline the things of note.

Getting first in The Cycle depends on farming a lot of objectives and leaving the planet alive.

For new players, The Cycle is not a traditional PvP focused battle royale. There is no shrinking ring, you don’t find and modify weapons in the world, and you don’t have to fight anyone to get first place. The Cycle is a PvEvP game where the main focus is on obtaining points by completing objectives. You do have to fight against opponents because there are a limited amount of objectives in the game and contesting them is vital to getting first place.

This unfortunate person was shooting at monsters and ignored me until it was too late.

Most objectives spawn hordes of monsters which do high damage and grant you money once you kill them. Rival hunters can ambush you while you are fighting the monsters so awareness of the surrounding area is key to staying alive. You can then spend your hard earned money to purchase weapons, weapons upgrades, and skills of your choice from your available store load out. You can equip up to four different weapons and skills onto your store load out.

Season two introduced two new weapons, a short range shotgun, the B9 Trenchgun (a 200 tier weapon), and a mid range assault rifle, the AR-55 Phase Autorifle (a 500 tier weapon). They’re both solid weapons at their price points, with the shotgun excelling at close range combat and the AR-55 providing reliable damage up to mid range.

The main starting lobby is vastly different with an actual city plaza.

Season three adds in a lot of changes to the game. The first noticeable change is the starting lobby area. Similar to Star Citizen, there is now a sprawling central hub where players can see other players and interact with npcs to access features that used to be available from the menu. If you don’t like accessing features in this way, you can simply press Q to bring up the quick menu and access the menu as before.

The guns have been tweaked with bullets acting as projectiles now. Energy weapons still act as hit scan. I haven’t really noticed a difference in close to mid range combat but at long ranges it does start to feel slightly different. The bullet speed is still generous so most players should not notice a big enough difference.

The monsters deal heavy damage to you and the collector so early game clearing of the large mineral stack solo is very difficult.

Monsters do way more damage and will actually destroy resource collectors if you don’t clear the waves quickly enough. This was done to nerf high level players from starting multiple mineral stacks by biking around the map and then returning to collect them later without drawing creep aggro. Also most of the money is now earned from actually killing the monsters instead of completing objectives. This forces players to kill the monsters in order to farm enough money.

Crafting materials have been removed from the game and instead one singular currency, the Krypto Marks, are used to purchase weapon mods. Crafting materials used to spawn randomly in certain areas of the map but now you automatically earn Krypto Marks after each round.

The bolt action is ridiculously power and versatile at almost any range.

An interesting thing to note is the rise of the bolt action rifle as a strong contender in the game. It does over 600 crit damage and that is enough to down most players in three headshots. The weapon handles very smoothly at close range for a rifle so there is very little drawback at using it at all ranges of combat.

The season 3 battlepass adds in a lot of color and flair compared to the more dull offerings found in season 1.

The battle pass items finally have some distinct style now compared to season 1 and the season 3 battle pass is the best Yager has released to date. The added bonus is that the battle pass is fairly easy to max out.

Overall, The Cycle is an unique take on the PvEvP genre, a genre which we don’t see a lot of currently in the gaming world. After three seasons, it’s shaping up to be a polished and competent game and I hope more people check it out.

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