Super Holobunnies Gameplay Preview – Punishing 2D platformer

*Super Holobunnies developed by q-bit Games, published by Nkidu – June 06, 2020 (Switch)
*MSRP: 4.99 (Switch) –

Super Holobunnies is a game with three modes, a pvp battle mode, a single player or co-op boss rush mode, and then finally a very simple but punishing single player platformer.

The platformer is simple in that the only control is jump.

The platformer is simple in that the character automatically moves in one direction and the only control is to jump. You navigate around the map by running into signs. Some will slow you down, others speed you up, others will change your direction, and finally some will let you double jump.

The pickups modify your speed and give you a double jump, which in turn change your jump trajectory.

It all sounds simple but changing your speed changes the necessary timing and trajectory of your jumps. The game gets incredibly difficult because touching a surface other than the floor will get you killed.

Some of the jumps require so much precision, it’ll be sure to induce broken controllers.

The platformer is extremely difficult to master and will get frustrating but once you are able to complete a level, it’ll be incredibly rewarding. The boss rush mode and battle modes are challenging and enjoyable as well but the platformer stole the show for me.

Overall Super Holobunnies can get frustrating due to the high learning curve. It’s a pixel perfect platformer based on jumping, sort of like Super Meat Boy. However, just like Super Meat Boy, mastering the game brings about a sense of accomplishment like no other.

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