Undundgeon Gameplay Preview – 2D Action Adventure RPG

*Undungeon developed by Laughing Machines, published by tinyBuild – Q4 2020
*MSRP: TBA (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/928990/Undungeon/

Undungeon is a 2D action adventure role playing game. It features colorful sprite based graphics and responsive, action heavy combat. The narrative backdrop is set in a post apocalyptic world where Earth from seven parallel dimensions have merged into one in an event survivors have come to call The Shift. The protagonist has been sent by the Void to defeat the six Heralds, the guardians of each dimension, in order for the Void to enter and take over the realms. Traveling between worlds, dimensions, and time periods are part of the game’s fast travel system.

There is a surprising amount of narrative and conversing about with characters in the game.

The core game play loop consists of two main parts, exploration and combat. There is a heavy emphasis on exploring the world around you and engaging in conversations with other characters. There is a heavy focus on developing the narrative through conversations and they often result in opening up new quests. There is a surprising amount of role playing elements in this game, creating a greater level of immersion.

The combat feels satisfying and requires a more tactical approach.

The combat is excellent and starts off slow and methodical. Once you start upgrading your equipment, runes, and organs, the combat opens up and presents many different possible ways to tackle combat. For example, you can equip a claw that has an area of effect charge attack that does little damage but guarantees the next hit on the enemy to be a critical one. You can combine this with attack damage heavy runes to favor a more melee style.

Bartering is the only way to acquire goods from merchants. There is no currency but every item can be traded.

The runes and organs are simply passive status buffs and are bought from merchants by bartering or by crafting them from animal organs collected by defeating them.

Overall, Undungeon took me pleasantly by surprise. The 2D sprite based graphics look colorful and stylish, the combat is satisfying, and the world feels immersive due to the amount of narrative and engagement with the player.

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