The Waylanders Gameplay Preview – Old school RPG

*The Waylanders developed and published by GATO Studio – June 16, 2020
*MSRP: $34.99 (Steam) –

The Waylanders is a throwback to the role playing games of old. You start by creating a character and picking their background, class (such as warrior, mage, rogue, etc.), starting attributes like strength and agility, and customizing their appearance. Once you’ve created a character to your liking, you are thrown immediately into the story.

The game features a heavy emphasis on narrative and world building.

You the play the role of a new hire working for King Ith. King Ith and his entourage are undertaking a voyage to meet the Tuatha, the deities of the realm, in order to forge a treaty of mutual benefit and understanding. Predictably things go horribly awry and so the journey begins for your protagonist.

It’s a party and everyone is invited!

The game handles like a traditional role playing game. Characters in your party will automatically attack the nearest target and this is often a very inefficient way to handle combat. A tactical pause is available, so you can queue up commands for each of your party members. You can also upgrade the equipment of each character, level up skills, and form relationships.

This is a bug where characters become invisible and unable to move or attack, very frustrating.

The voice acting, written dialogue, world building, and overall production value and level of detail for things such as facial animation, are top notch towards the very beginning of the game. As it progresses, you can see the rough side of early access games with plenty of bugs and the overall lack of polish. Lines of dialogue are missing, text shows up in the wrong places, etc. I understand that the game is a work in progress so hopefully the rough patches match the level of polish I saw at the start of the game. If the developers manage to accomplish that, The Waylanders will be a very immersive and enjoyable role playing game.

P.S. As of this writing, the amount of playable content is around one hour. The game is constantly being updated so more content should be added soon.

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